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Trained, Hardworking Professionals
We employ people who are capable of working up to our high expectations and service standards. Wet Wash Cleaning, LLC does complete employee checks — including driver’s license, criminal background, reference, and prior employment. Every home & construction cleaner is bonded and covered by liability and worker’s compensation insurance for your protection. Our managers began as construction cleaning employees; they fully understand our business depends on your satisfaction. They work closely with our cleaning employees and make random quality checks on service in progress. Every employee at Wet Wash  Cleaning llc realizes you, the client, reviews our performance and pays our wages.
Our Mission​​
Is to provide 100% satisfaction. We could not succeed without the referrals of our valued customers.
Our mission is providing you with top quality professional service at an affordable rate.

Our Owners


                       Our history of cleaning experience started on June 6 1998.
When I (don0started working for a company by the name of General
Services Cleaning Company owned and operated by Brad Kilgore.
I became the leading working foreman in 1999 and the occasional
acting C.E.O. in 2002. His company is a full service cleaning company,
which specializes primarily in the commercial cleaning field. GSCC
is well know for their final cleans of suites or offices of companies who leased them.and our responsibility was to make it look like a brand new office.. We would clean everything from the exterior glass to the floors with everything in between .
                        We have roughly 30 years of experience coombined between us in the cleaning trade .where I acquired my aerial lift certification from a single man lift, up to 185 ft boom lifts. I learned how to repel ,20 stories is the highest I've ever repelled. I have a plethora of ladder experience and training since being a teenager . I have learned the different types of glass to know What's the best way to clean them. I have floor cleaning experience from stripping and waxing vinyl floors to sealing / painting concrete. As Well AS knowledge of how to clean multiple types of surfaces. We would clean everything from the light fixtures to floors, including walls, cabinetry, bathrooms, and much more. we would perform various types of cleaning from a restoration type of clowns at some locations to just janitorial services.
                       Though his company focused primarily on construction sites we did a diverse amount of residential cleaning, from routine bi-weekly housekeeping, spring cleans, move outs , to just a window cleaning or power/pressure washing job. As I had the skills necessary, he would have me also do minor construction repairs, demolitions, painting and drywall, electrical, baseboards and even vehicle repair for his company When the owner informed me of the obscene amount of money he was asking for his company name and started talking about retiring relatively soon. And since my wife and I built so many good relationships over the years with our job skills and performance I decided it was time to risk a company in my name, especially now that I have more time to focus on building a family business doing what we have worked hard to acquire the skills to be called professionals.
                          My history of painting experience started in 1992-1995 where I signed up for job corps in Joliet Illinois. Where I acquired my painting certification and G.E.D. I learned how to drywall, paint, and the difference between types of surfaces and the best way to paint them.
                    After graduation I immediately went to work for a man by the name of Andre Trudeau, who was the owner of Aries Insurance and owned multiple properties from single family homes to 3 story apartment complex. I worked for him until 1996 until I moved to West Virginia to be more help to my mother. When I moved back to Columbus in 1998 I went to work for General Services. where I did not do as much painting as I did the cleaning. but I would do the occasional painting job for different superintendents and have done some under my company name.
                I've also owned and sold a couple mobile homes that I had to completely restore from plumbing, electrical, to the walls and floors.And of course the experience learned from the professionals at multiple types of job sites ive worked on .